Monday, March 12, 2007

My name is jasmine. Puerto Rican Muslimah

From a Islamic Forum introduction;

Salaams my name is Jasmine. I am 19 years old and a hispanic from Puerto rico, dominican, and ecudorian. i've been muslim for about three years now.i attend college in queens. my major is nursing. i love helping people and taking good care of them when they are sick. my aunt (who is muslim for about 10 years now) had converted me when i was 16 years old. she has always told me about the religion and how great allah is and i wanted to convert. my family are strong catholics. i never liked the muslim religion. i had been through two religions (catholic and christian)and my heart and soul was never happy. however when i became muslim, my heart and soul felt overwelmed and i felt as if i belonged to allah. my family to this day disagrees with the religion.i have been kicked out of my house alot and had been living with friends because of my religion choice. my mom has never looked at me the same and my dad disowns me. my family in general doesnt understand the religion and disagrees also. but that hasnt stop me from believeing in allah. alot of my friends has stop hanging out with me because there were embrass of me because i wear the hijab. ever since ive became muslim, my friends and family have left out of my life. then i had met another muslim and that has changed my life forever. he was a palestinian brother who lived in a very strict muslim family (oh so they say) he had told me that his family was muslim and they are very religious....well boy was he wrong. when his family found out i was a hispanic muslim, they were upset and mad because they didnt like spanish people. they had told me that i was going to take off my hijab in three months, that i am a wild women, and i only want to marry muslim men for money. omg has that hurt me! to hear muslim brothers and sisters talk like that has made me question not only their culture but the religion. they told me that they are always going to be better muslims then me because they are arabic and they were bron raised muslim. HOWEVER...none of the women were hijabs or pray five times a day. the men eat pork, drink, and go out to clubs and date...even the women. they would call me horrible names and try to convice me to take off my hijab. that experience was the worst experience of my life. it had brought tears to my eyes that muslims are like that. but i had never given up because my love for allah is the greatest. i had never llet anyone changed my view or me because i am a muslim sister who loves allah and would never give it up for no one. then when i started college.....i never knew that there are so many sister that were hispanic and that were going through the same as me. and meeting sisters who accepted me for who i was...not my race. alhamuallah it was amazing! i think this website is so wonderful and im happy to be here alhamduallah
Habiti for ALLAH..

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