Friday, August 22, 2008

Muslims' America- Women in Islam/Piedad

Directed and Produced by Imran Siddiqui
Photo Journalist Elias Khan

Muslims' America - Women in Islam English 1.1

"There's no sensationalism in just saying, 'Oh, look at this Muslim. Look! She's going out and feeding the homeless,'" complains Jill Mraida. "We're not getting that message out." Until now.

VOA's "Muslims' America" heads to Florida to find out how women are reaching out to help not only their sisters in Islam, but also their community at large as well as people of other faiths.

Piedad ( began as a support group for Spanish-speaking converts to Islam. But the group's mission soon expanded to accommodate all Muslim women, and then the entire community, regardless of faith.

Khadijah Rivera is one of the bonding forces behind Piedad, she's not just a social activist, community worker but is also a mother.

Khadijah says, "When you are helping the needy for food, clothing or shelter, then faith, does not matter, we are all children of God".

Summary - Gary Butterworth VOA

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