Saturday, August 30, 2008

Muslims' America - Women in Islam Part 2

Muslims' America - Women in Islam 2.1

"The Latino Muslim in America is doing a renaissance," says Khadija Rivera of Piedad, a Muslim women's organization in Tampa, Florida.

But, as VOA's Imran Siddiqui finds out, this renaissance is about more than just Koran study. The women of Piedad reach out to their community at large, regardless of religion, by showing them the true spirit of Islam through acts of charity.

Some people avoid the homeless. Others react negatively towards Muslims. But in Tampa, Florida, the local Muslim community is working to improve the lives of their city's disadvantaged residents. The way these two often-misunderstood groups interact shows that perception isn't everything

But between cooking for the homeless and offering prayers at their mosque, Piedad's sisters live lives similar to other Americans. This week's Muslims' America learns that these women, while practicing Islam, are still living the American dream.

Summary - Gary Butterworth VOA New

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Al Hajji Yusef said...

As Salaamu Alaikum to my dear sisters from Piedad, you are living examples of what Muslim in America and overseas are suppose to be about (action speaks louder than words)and as a Latino Muslim and Honorary Member of Piedad, estoy muy orgulloso de ustedes y de saber que hay en este mundo personas con amor en sus corazones para la humanidad. Al Hajji Yusef