Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reverts to Islam unite......

PIEDAD is changing its faceplate so to speak. We can no longer direct ourselves to Latino women without giving other reverts to Islam a support group. Our sisterhood is strong because of a few strong Caucasian sisters who study and have the same fervor as we do. We are not here to divide but to strengthen our ummah. These sisters are quenching their thirst for Islam just as we are. Therefore and until further notice PIEDAD will be an organization for American/ Latino women. Al hamdulilah

Islam is ever growing in the USA and every single major city has felt it. Latinos are reverting here as in Latin America and their families are joining in. Recently I was contacted by a world renowned Photo journalist who was hoping to capture its immersion on film. Mashallah. We are a vital part of this revolution , just as the African Americans in the Sixty's during the time of then called, Malcolm X. Yes , this is our time and we are ready.
Reverts have many hurdles to cross internally e.g. family, friends, and lifestyles . Only another revert can understand or support them without sounding condescending. I love Islam and strive to live it daily. I am imperfect but completely immersed in it. I can help others to understand its beauty because I too had to search for it , discover it and then EVOLVE within it.. Khadijah

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