Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dawah happening in Tampa Bay!

Stand back, the numbers on Non muslims that attended the Open House
are NOT in YET! All I know is that there were many MORE Non muslims
attending than last year!

MANY cheers to our speaker list: Imam Siddiqui , Saleh Mubarak ,
Mario Nunez and br Alinshira it was truely an OPEN INVITATION to

Thanks to all the students at UAF who came in shifts to volunteer with
setup and as student ambassadors. They were enthusiastic and ever
ready to assist at all times.

SPECIAL Thanks to Imam Md Sultan for all the coordination and extras.
It was so exhilirating seeing the Dawah Happening. I saw lots of mini
"sound bytes" going on among the visitors. Muslims of all walks of
life were actively engaged with non muslims and spreading the CALL TO
ISLAM. I stopped several times just to look at my surroundings and
silently said. AL HAMDULILAH..

Nothing mattered but that the atmosphere was of UNITY and peaceful
understanding. I had invited people from Orlando and they attended and
were so happy to have come. Our PIEDAD sisterhood was there to lend
support and gave away free books to disseminate Islam among Latinos .
We have a total of four NEW shahadahs in our community . ALL of them
Latino! There is a mini revolution happening in the USA and few are
aware of it. With 75,000 and going strong islam will surely spread
among the Spanish speaking.
Our Homeless friends from down town got medical checkups , lunch and
lots of friendly smiles from us. They felt welcome and comfortable to
be among us.
I did not hear ONE solitary complaint from anyone. The food court was
awesome and the Islamic Medical gallery was the most interesting
exhibit there.
Project Downtown had two wonderfully friendly faces that visibily
stole the arena. Their photo display was awesome.

Our steering committee worked hard and is eagerly awaiting a final
"Lessons Learned" meeting. We need to sit down and discuss failings
and triumphs! We need to make it even better NEXT YEAR!
May Almighty Allah bless all the hardworkers including the Lecturers
to the cooks who supported this effort!
Wasalam, sr K

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