Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Latina Muslims or best guess...

Latina Muslims..-or best guess...
Oooh Latina Muslims Salaam

Some people, like Tariq, have written about the seeming media fascination with Latina sisters over the past few days, wondering why. My thoughts? Take: (1) The general awareness and fear of the إ“Browning of Americaأ the rapid growth of the Latino community and the (not-so-hidden?) fears of some Whites that the day when they are no longer the majority ethnic group will mean a loss of power. (2) The simultaneous embrace, however superficial, of some elements of different Latino cultures, from food to music, to the popularity of actors and singers. At the same time, though, there has been a happy embrace of some stereotypes: Latinos are hot blooded, wear knee socks and chanclas with hairnets, are all passionately devoted to La Virgen, drink a lot of cerveza, and are terribly promiscuous while they dance the night away to that cha cha cha coochy coochy music saying أ“Orale!أ? a lot. (3) The upsurge of interest in Islam and Muslims, including the fascination and disgust that many have with the idea that an American woman would willingly embrace Islam. Pair all that with: (4) The major increase in the numbers of Latino Muslims in the last decade. In 1997, when we founded LADO, we knew of an estimated 15,000 Latino Muslims. Today, many Latino daiees believe that number is around 70,000. In addition to that, Islam is growing in Central and South America. And what you get is a sure fire recipe for something that people can't help but rubberneck. Someday soon, it might be another combination, another something that fascinates and mystifies, but right now itأ's the idea of Latinas and Islam. YMMV.

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