Friday, September 5, 2008

Muslims' America -Women in Islam Part 3

: September 05, 2008
Before leaving Florida, VOA spends one last day with the sisters of Piedad, an organization for Muslim-American Women. Between preparing for a wedding and visiting with a group of Burmese students, Imran Siddiqui learns just what being American means to this diverse group of women. "As an American Muslim woman, what does America mean to you?" asks VOA's Imran Siddiqui to the women of Piedad, an Islamic women's organization in Tampa, Florida. The answers, he finds out, are just as diverse as the women of Piedad's mosque. "We have Arabs in our group, in Piedad. We have Arab sisters. We have Palestinian sisters. We have Indian sisters. Even though it is geared towards us for support, we also know that we can benefit from the knowledge of the other sisters. We all try to be a little community within the community, but not apart from the community," says Jill Mraida. As Muslims' America finds out, this community prides itself on its in-depth understanding of Islam, along with the freedom they have to worship and explore their faith in the United States.
Summary : Gary Butterworth VOA News

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