Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mission Possible in Puerto Rico- speech TBMA luncheon

Posted by Khadijah on July 20, 2008 at 4:38pm

Mission Possible! En el nombre de Ala el Misericordioso el Compasivo
In the name of ALLAH the merciful the compassionate how beautiful is islam. Al hamdulilah as a revert for over 25 years I am grateful to those that encouraged my evolution as a Muslim. It was Hajj Malik Shabazz aka Malcolm X made this journey and introduced this concept of revolution of mind and spirit. Truly Islam is dynamic and touches our hearts.
As a Puerto Rican I can tell you that I was naturally elated that there were at one time three masjids in San Juan our capitol. We sent imams from the Middle East and al hamdulilah have over 5091 Muslims and counting on the island. These figures sound wonderful except for the fact that there may be between 75,000-200,000 Latino Muslims in mainland USA!
One of our beloved sisters from New York returned to the island to visit family and decided to attend Jumaah there. Her report is too lengthy but it confirms that after visiting several mosques the conclusion was the same!
• All Khutbahs are in Arabic with no translation
• Islamic literature at the mosques are in Arabic and there is no Coran translation anywhere to be seen.
• Several Latina women were seen visiting the mosque out of curiosity without hijab but there was no one to greet them or sit with them to give dawah.
• Women are secluded and not part of the mosque , usually placed in a small inconvenient location in the back or side of the mosque.
• No community service to non muslims.
• No preaching done to the surrounding Spanish Speaking community.
• Islamic classes are available to the children but only in Arabic .
• Of the 5091 muslims what percentage are Spanish ?

Last year UAE had a dawah program where they sent 5 Latino brothers who were well qualified to study and commence an intensive Imam training program. One of these returning brothers is Imam Yusef Maisonett of Mobile ,Alabama. With over 40 years as a Muslim revert and active daii in the Prisons and katib our beloved brother cried over this report from our sister. He has taken it up as a mission to go on a fact finding mission to Puerto Rico and establish a bilingual mosque for ALL people to attend
Our mission if you chose to accept it is simple: Send him on this fact finding mission. He will request funding from UAE and bring literature and the message in the language of the people as the prophets emissaries did
May Almighty ALLAH grant you peace and serenity. Que ALA los Bendiga


UmmUmarNY said...

Assalamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh, sister Khadija. I know for a fact all this sister said is true since I am from the Island and went to visit my parents last year and experienced first hand all you explained. Since then I have pondered over the situation in our beloved Island and the reality of the situation is that we DO NOT need the Arabs to come and give Da'wah to our people since ONLY A PUERTO RICAN knows the ways of the "Boricuas"... We need to send a few of these young Muslims to study so that THEY will be the ones to take charge at home. I saw it for myself... Arab Imaams' only concern are for their 'Arab' audience... any convert brother or sister is neglected. I cannot believe there are no classes for learning to READ THE QUR'AN.... when isn't Arabic these people's mother tonge?? There are very good Islamic Universities in the US were our young brothers can come study without the hassle of going away oversees. There are a few Darul 'Ulooms in NY, various in Chicago, and all over. "One who seeks will find"... it's only a matter of seeking the information from those who know and making the effort. I grew up in the Island, and know that for years the Arabs have lived there amongst us... making their money and sending their wives and kids back to Jordan or wherever to be 'educated islamically'... what about the Island, then, not good enough, right!!! It's time to look out for the best interest of OUR PEOPLE, and stop our reliance on those who really have no concern for who we are...

PIEDAD said...

Assalamu alaikum Dearest sister Ummumarny I do believe that Quranic Arabic is being taught in the Masjids. Thank you for your comments. Being Latina makes us take ownership of problems and therefore more likely to strive to correct them. Ultimately we want to see Latinos and Arabs attending the mosque together but also returning home with understanding. Islam es para Todos! Jazakallahalkairun